Why are neon signs illegal?

You can only use packaging peanuts if you fill spaces between the inner and outer shipping boxes. You can use rigid, non-expanding packaging foam that fits the shape of a shield, especially if you are shipping bare tubes. You can separate the layers by gluing cardboard columns to the flat board. Place styrofoam blocks a few inches higher than the glass tubes in strategic locations on the front of the sign.

Portable neon signs (such as beer signs) and large cold cathode tubes are not always produced locally. Therefore, they need to be delivered to far away places.

Can I send a neon sign?

Whether a neon sign is sent to a buyer, restorer, or as a gift to someone special, proper packaging arrangements must be made to ensure that the fragile item reaches its destination undamaged and in good condition. Personally, I’d try to sell it locally, but if you looked at how much this guy charges for shipping, you could take it to the UPS store and have them pack it and ship it.

The diameter of the drain pipe must not be too small or the neon tubes, where the electrodes are placed at right angles to the tube axes, do not match the required attenuation (Fig.

Don’t use thick steel fence mesh as a single plane neon lights aren’t always perfect and fixing the glass to a rigid frame would use too much force, which would result in a possible breakage. When you purchase or ship neon signs, you must ensure that the signs are not damaged at any time during transit. After visiting many glass stores over the years, I often heard store staff installers and parcel service drivers handling custom-made neon tubes screaming, “Don’t break the neon.” Shipment of neon signs requires careful packaging to ensure that the item arrives at its destination in one piece.


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