Why are neon signs illegal?

You can separate the layers by gluing cardboard columns to the flat board. The idea is to put the sign in one. The idea is to pack the shield in a material that absorbs all kinds of external forces while keeping the shield intact. However, if you want to ship them somewhere far away, boxes may be a better choice.

Also, always use enough packaging material to fill the box completely, and make sure you label the box correctly. Don’t use thick steel fence mesh as a single plane neon lights aren’t always perfect and fixing the glass to a rigid frame would use too much force, which would result in a possible breakage.

How do I send a neon sign for shipping?

Shipment of neon signs requires careful packaging to ensure that the item arrives at its destination in one piece. From historical neon signs to breathtaking kinetic works of art and electric sculpture, neon art is diverse, eye-catching, and very interesting. If you’re carrying more neon than you can fit on a single plane, you’ll need to stack the carrier layers in the large, outer shipping box. A cheaper alternative would be to use newspapers that are crumpled up and tightly packed around the sign.

While each neon show will be slightly different depending on the size and shape of the light, here’s an example of how such a broadcast can work.

Can UPS send neon signs?

Shipment of neon signs requires careful packaging to ensure that the item arrives at its destination in one piece. LED flexible tubes do not release heat or break easily, which can be the case with traditional neon glass signs. We make thousands of high-quality neon signs every year, creating so many satisfied customers along the way. In case of cancellation before the item is shipped, 5% of the original price will be retained to cover transaction fees.

Most signs need to be individually wrapped, which may mean you’ll need to ship multiple boxes if you’re sending more than one sign.

How do you move neon lights?

Neon signs can attract unprecedented attention from anyone who passes by your place of business. Often referred to as moving neon signs or flashing neon signs, they turn even more heads thanks to the “neon sign movement”. As a rule, neon glass work is not annealed in the United States because it requires special furnace equipment and is time consuming. Over the years I’ve learned that styrofoam polystyrene chips or peanuts are not suitable for packaging neon glass because the loose pieces can shift along the way, causing the glass to touch an outer surface of the container and eventually break.


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