Should you leave neon signs on?

When manufactured and installed correctly, neon only ever runs warm. Neon signs have also been said to be hot enough to burn you when touched, but that’s just not true if they were made correctly. Opponents of neon signs are quick to point out their supposed lack of durability and durability, but this claim is based on personal aversion rather than concrete evidence. So when it hits the walls of the tube, it transmits very little energy.

The electrodes, which are attached to each piece of neon tube and are the start and end point for the current flow, get hot and should not be touched.

Can neon signs cause fire?

While neon signs are generally very safe, you should still make sure you take the right steps to handle your sign with care. If you have a bigger sign with multiple transformers, you will need to purchase an external flashing box (request quote and details). We recommend that your sign is checked by a signage expert at least every 12 months to ensure your neon stays safe. When this glass is broken or removed from the neon sign, the heat is transferred directly from the metal backing to the tube.

How long does a neon sign last?

If neon signs are not kept clean, they will eventually no longer look bright and inviting, and will look dingy and uninviting. Phosphorus coatings that add color to neon tubes are not indeterminate and last for 7 to 10 years. However, a neon sign repair specialist can re-coat them. You even need to be careful when moving the sign, as the lights are likely to break if you drop the sign. Without the mercury vapor, the fluorescent coating on the inside of the neon tube will not light up properly.


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