Is it hard to make your own neon sign?

Add a stunning addition to your wedding party, create a neon sign for bedroom or home decor, get a custom personalized name tag for the nursery, add a unique touch with neon bar signs, a neon sculpture, or get a custom neon sign for almost any purpose. Best of all, LED neons can be designed in a variety of colors and fonts, making it easy to design unique, customized, and personalized neon signs. I wrote to Create Neon and asked for a custom design of something I wanted since I was a child.

How much does it cost to produce a neon sign?

For the cost of a simple newspaper ad, a custom neon sign works continuously for your business year after year. A neon sign is similar to a fluorescent light that has been heated and bent into different shapes and letters. There are many uses for neon signs, and you can use beautiful designs that are light-hearted and sophisticated. In five quick steps, you’ll become the proud owner of a completely unique piece of aesthetic neon wall art, a wedding name tag, a neon beer sign, or a cute neon lamp for your baby’s bedroom decoration.


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