How much does an average neon sign cost?

A club tent with a decadent retro atmosphere was dedicated to this couple’s dance party after the reception and lit up with a neon lamp of pure love. You can also choose the size of the sign depending on where you want to place it. Wedding trends come and go, but many from the last decade or so have managed to dodge their predecessors’ mistakes, over-the-top 80s bridesmaid dresses by adopting a sort of minimalist and timeless aesthetic. However, it’s one of our favorite signs as it completely dominates the corner it’s placed in and provides a great lighting effect that can give you and your guests excellent photos.

We strongly recommend that you measure the intended room area in which you would like to install your individual neon sign.

What is a good size neon sign for wedding?

Your new LED neon comes with a transparent 4.9-foot cable that connects to a certified adapter (if you need an adapter for a different country, ask when you check out). This British studio, which also prides itself on making eco-friendly neon signs, is a particularly good option for couples who aren’t exactly sure what they want as the store has more than 400 designs that can be customized by color and size. Ultra romantic sign for your wedding decoration that looks fantastic as a background for the ceremony or reception. The best part about this sign is that you can even hang it in any corner of your home after the wedding for a whimsical yet romantic decor.

How much does a neon wedding sign cost?

With a whopping 36 different font styles to choose from, you can stick to the better example or work with the sales person to customize a neon sign that says virtually anything you want. If you prefer a neon sign that isn’t trying to be the center of attention, this freestanding bar sign makes a stylish statement without overtaking the rest of your wedding day. As if a whole wall of pink pampas grass and matching arrangements of red colored baby breath and pampas wasn’t romantic enough, this couple flaunted the back of their treasure table with an ode to their very first date.


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