How do you temporarily hang a neon sign?

For detailed instructions on how to use the mounting pins, see below. Think of your sign like a painting and hang it a few feet above the ground, but at least a meter lower than the ceiling. Using a pencil, mark the wall through the holes. Press your neon sign firmly against the wall for at least 30 seconds.

Press your neon sign firmly against the wall for at least 30 seconds. All you need is a pencil, a drill and a thin Phillips screwdriver.

What do you use to hang a neon sign?

The hanging kit includes a strong and flexible metal wire for hanging, 6 screws, 2 aluminum buckles, and 2 hanging clips. Please select the “Rush My Order” option at checkout and let us know the date by which you’ll need your sign to arrive. The first step to hanging your neon sign on the wall is to check that it has an acrylic backing. Make sure your chosen spot for your neon sign is in close proximity to a power supply so you don’t have to use an extension cord or cable on the display.

Can you hang a neon sign with Command Strips?

If you hang it up in the day, I would recommend following all the rules of command, as I believe give it an hour before you actually hang anything on it. The neon sits between transparent sheets of polished acrylic with a heavy base that allows you to place the device on a table or shelf for presentation. This method also hides the power supply. When it comes to hanging a Little Cloud sign, the most discreet option is to hang it with a few tiny nails (not included) and hang 2 of the letters directly on it. This type of assembly is very similar to using colored acrylic, it creates an extra sparkle but with an even sharper reflection of your neon units.


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