How do you make a neon sign?

I taught my 12-year-old daughter how to solder while I was making this sign, and she caught on pretty quickly. You’re responsible for creating the lighting you’ve always wanted and using a method that’s simple enough to achieve perfect results. To create your own neon word light, choose a font, color, and size. If you can’t do what you want with the custom character tool, ask us for a custom quote.

Your neon sign can be a nice accent piece for your home or apartment, especially when it complements an existing design theme.

How much does it cost to produce a neon sign?

The reasoning behind so many companies that use neon signs is the clear benefits of a neon sign. Not only is the upfront cost of manufacturing a custom sign much lower, but the running costs, including maintenance and energy, are also much more affordable. You can choose a pre-made neon sign or buy personalized neon signs and create something truly unique. A neon sign could be something for your business, for your home, for a special party, or for your man cave or outdoor space.


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