How do you hide electrical cords on a wall?

Your sign includes a template that indicates where to drill holes for the studs to mount the sign (included) and where holes must be drilled for the wires. A common carrier for neon signs is black, white or clear acrylic sheets. For a pop of color in an unexpected place, consider a bright neon foil for free-hanging wires that are all too visible in a chic living space. For a clean look, each illuminated part requires the wire to be routed through or into the wall so that it is not visible on the front.

Why are neon signs illegal?

If a solid blue light is installed on a vehicle, you may still get a ticket if it appears to flicker or blink. In the signage industry, neon signs are electrical signs that are illuminated by long glowing gas discharge tubes that contain diluted neon or other gases. Argon-filled tubes contain a very small amount of mercury vapor that someone would only be exposed to if the neon tube broke. They’re soft enough to be formed into different drawing shapes, but they’re also very heat resistant.


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