Can neon signs get wet?

Now take a soft nylon brush with long bristles and slowly wipe the dust off every part of the neon lights. If your neon sign looks a bit dingy, the following steps can help you clean it up to keep it looking as good as new. You can also use an old pair of socks to clean the neon sign. Believe it or not, you better always leave your neon sign plugged in, unless you clean it or have it repaired.

Can I clean the neon sign?

I have a large collection of original neon art created to promote businesses from bars to hardware stores. If you have a neon sign or want to purchase one for your business, it’s important to know a bit about what kind of maintenance they need. Over time and prolonged use, neon signs attract and collect dust, mold, grease, beetles, and spider webs. Over time, the dust keeps collecting the signs, forming a thick layer that can be very difficult to clean.

What can I use to clean my neon sign?

To remove these dirty stains, you should use an ammonia-based cleaner and wipe the tubes gently. Over time and prolonged use, neon signs attract and collect dust, mold, grease, beetles, and spider webs. If you take care of your neon sign, it can last well over a decade without darkening and becoming boring. Spot cleaning If the neon sign has light spots, it can be removed with a cloth dampened with water.

So it’s a good idea to keep the wires aside with a wooden trowel while cleaning the neon lights.

How do you maintain a neon sign?

If neon signs are not kept clean, they will eventually no longer look bright and inviting, and will look dingy and uninviting. This is because constantly turning the neon sign off and on will wear out your neon sign more than simply leaving it on. However, they’re still powered by a transformer that can give you a dangerous shock if you’re not careful. Broken parts should be carefully collected and packaged to be recycled in an appropriate glass recycling facility.

We can explain the different options for purchasing new neon lighting or give you more advice on how to best maintain your signage.


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